FS/T: Head IPrestige Midplus, Dunlop AG300, Prince TT Warrior Midplus

Having to sell off some racquets that I'm not playing too often. All prices include shipping within CONUS. Will ship anywhere if buyer pay the fees.

- Head Intelligence Prestige Midplus. $55 - Condition = 6.5/10. Various paint chips and scuffs, no cracks. Bumper guard could use replacing. Grommets are in good shape. Made in Austria.
Grip size is 4 3-8. Head leather grip. Unstrung.

-Dunlop Aerogel 300. $45 - Condition = 8/10. The paint job is in fantastic condition the only reason I downgrade the condition is because the trap door is missing.
Grip size is 4 3-8. Strung with Gamma Professional 17.

-Prince Triple Threat Warrior MP. $45 - Condition = 6/10. Paint is chipped in a few spots including on the 'Tungsten' tape. Grommets & bumper guard in good shape.
Grip size is 4 3-8. Unstrung.

Email me for pics, questions, offers/trades.