FS/T Wilson Pro Staff Midsize St.Vincent 7.8/10

Discussion in 'For Sale or Trade' started by NYCRockstar, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. NYCRockstar

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    Wilson Pro Staff Midsize St.Vincent - the LEGENDARY Pete Sampras racquet!

    The very rare and exclusive Wilson racquet for tennis players and collectors with exclusive taste-this is the original St.Vincent version!

    With this noble racquet Pete celebrated his greatest successes. The three letter code on the butt cap is KTQ.

    It's in very good used condition, I’d say a 7.8/10

    There is minor wear on headguard wear, some scratches, but only very few minor paint chips. Cosmetically, it looks pretty great.

    The details:
    • It has an original Fairway leather grip (not sure the size, but I have a small hand), which has been covered by temporary overgrips for many years. While this has protected the Fairway grip from use, it has unfortunately left some residue. If you want to use the leather, it should be easily cleaned with some saddle soap. If you're going to add your own overwrap, you won't even notice. It is currently wrapped with lightly used Prince DuraRib Plus. It has a Tacky feel with a raised ridge for ultimate traction.
    • It has an 85 headsize.
    • Grommets are in great shape.
    • The bumperguard has ALWAYS been protected with tape (BabolatVS), and is in good condition, save for tape residue which can be easily scrubbed off. Once again, if you're going to apply new tape yourself, this won't really matter.
    • It’s strung, from a number of years ago. Think it’s Prince TopSpin.

    I love this racquet, but I'm not good enough to play with it anymore, so I'm looking for something more forgiving.

    I'm asking $150, or a really good trade.

    You got something else newish and interesting, and want to trade? Let's talk.

    Pictures upon request. Serious Buyers only please.

    Delivery Options: USPS, FedEx, UPS, whatever we can work out.
    1. I’m not going to charge you a handling premium to send you the racquet. Pick what you want me to do (within reason), and I’ll make it happen, and add it on to the purchase price. Can (possibly) meet up in NYC.
    2. PayPal works best for me. Cash if in person, I guess.
  2. elahn.pogue

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    Mar 31, 2011
    Email me @ elahn . pogue @ hotmail . com
  3. NYCRockstar

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    I should also mention that I have the case (good condition, w/o strap), perfectly clean on the inside, good on the outside.

    Drop me a line directly if you like: roger at resnicoff dot org.
  4. Fearsome Forehand

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    Aug 23, 2007
    Elahn Pogue is a stolen name being used by scammer Kirby Mendes. See refs for details.
  5. NYCRockstar

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    Thanks for the tip, Fearsome... Glad I didn't engage with him.

    That said, the Pro Staff is GONE. Thanks for playing, everyone.

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