FS - Two Prince Speedport Blacks 4 5/8

Discussion in 'For Sale or Trade' started by robert campbell, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Hello. I am selling my two Prince 03 Speedport Black racquets, sized at 4 5/8 with Technifibre X1 Biphase 16 strings at 58 lbs. They both were tuned, matched, and strung by the TW racquet tech guru. The customizing grommets are unopened in the Prince bag.

    One has no court time on it and the other has three sets on it. I would rate them a 9.5/10. I purchased them a week ago and ultimately realized I need the extra power of my Prince 03 Red. My buyer's remorse is your gain.

    I am selling them for $165 each, including shipping. They have been built up one grip size with a shrink wrap sleeve, which I will remove for you if you want a true 4 5/8 grip. They did not come with covers.

    Please contact me at rcampbell@powerwellness.com if you are interested. Thanks.

    Robert Campbell
    Denver, CO
  2. Greetings. One racquet has been sold.

    Robert Campbell
  3. Hello, again. Both racquets have now been sold. Thanks to the other potential buyers for your inquiries. And thank you to TW for hosting this service.

    Enjoy the Open!

    Robert Campbell

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