FS: Wilson K 90 and Wilson N 90


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K 90: 1) condition: 8/10
2) mains pro hurricane tour 17, crosses tonic+ @ 55 lbs
3) $110 + shipping

N 90: 1) condition: 9/10
2) mains luxilon power soft, crosses tonic+ @ 55 lbs
3) $100 + shipping

I'm not interested in trades. If you are interested and you'd like to see pictures, I'll e-mail some to you.


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I'm very interested, could you send me some pictures? if everything seems well I think I might buy both (and if at all possible I would like to make the purchase asap) haruimi @ gmail . com <--


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Why do people think racquets from february are still for sale? :-?
Well JG I kind of didn't notice the date, since the thread had just recently been posted on by someone I suppose I just assumed it was a fairly recent sale, but excuse me if my small oversight has offended you in any way >.>''