FS: Wilson Surge 5.1 & Wilson Triad 3.0!!!

Discussion in 'For Sale or Trade' started by finchy, Apr 3, 2005.

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    Apr 11, 2004
    Wilson Surge 5.1 - some paint chips here and there in the 3 and 9 area of the head. no structural damage at all. head guard is rough from use, but still in very good shape. great for players wanting to improve their stroke mechanics and still play aggressively. plenty of spin potential and moderate amount of power results in a perfect game improvement racquet. grip is TL gel size is 4 1/2. If you want i could add some lead tape if you want for customization. this racquet will be discontinued soon so get this one now for cheap and good condition!!! currently strung with ashaway monogut @ 58 lbs. this is the standard 27" length surge. It is supposed to be more manuverable and have better control than its longer counterpart. this model is DISCONTINUED by wilson and will be very hard to find in the future! get yours now! here's a picture: http://www.wilson.com/media/wilson/images/products/web/Tennis/Rackets/215x300/T7351_med_116b

    Wilson Triad 3.0 baby blue colored 110"- EXTREMELY good condition. only a few very minor scratches around the head that are only cosmetic and you can barely tell they are there from a distance. great for those wanted power and comfort. this model is DISCONTINUED by wilson and is VERY hard to find. very good shock absorbtion from the triad system and plenty of easy to find power because it is a "hammer" racquet being head heavy, also greatly increasing the sweetspot. currently strung with wilson sensation @ 60 lbs. this model was partially made to help fund breast cancer research, therefore the baby blue color. here is a picture: http://www.0574vip.com.cn/UserSystem/Stationery/UploadFiles/2004820134449.jpg

    email me at pyl0rus@yahoo.com if you are interested. thanks for looking!

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