FS: Yonex vCore 98 Galaxy Black 9/10 condition


Item Description: Yonex VCore 98 Galaxy Black edition
Grip Size: 4 3/8
Quantity: 2
Head Size: 98
Condition: 9 and 8
*Specific Time Used: I've used first racquet for approximately 1 hour 9/10 condition and second frame used for less than 2 hours 8/10 condition.
*General Description: 9/10 condition frame has minor head rash on head guard. Second frame has minor rash on head guard and at 3 and 9. Cosmetic scratches only.
Price: $175 for 9/10 frame and $165 for 8/10 frame.
Shipping: Free UPS
Seller's Contact Info: robinford@me.com