FS: Yonex Vcore Tour G 330

David Le

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Yonex Vcore Tour G 330
Grip Size:
4 3/4
Head Size:
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Mutiple times
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Only 5 small paintchips, leather grip, and shorten the racquet length to 26” for better angle shots. Great for ohbh players! It was at 330g to start but went down around 322g. I removed the lead at 12. Overall It’s in good used clean condition and strung with Gosen Sheep Micro 16 at 57lbs and 52lbs on 10/03/18. I could string some Gosen Poly 16 Black for $15 if you like at any tension.
Price: $115
Shipping: Shipped
Seller's Contact Info: dtann1995@gmail.com