FT: Dunlop 4D 100's for Bio 100's L2


I have a pair of Dunlop 4D 100 both in L2 and in 8.5/10 conditions.

I'm looking to have an even trade for a pair, prefer pair or 1, of Bio 100 in L2 and in 8+/10 conditions.

One of them have been restrung 12 times with 2 times being above 45lbs. (own since 2011)
The other one have been restrung 8 times with 3 time being above 45lbs (own since 2012)

I've used guard tape (with leather and an over grip) throughout it's entire life. No cracks. There are 1 or 2 very small chip (1mm size) due to normal use on both of them, and 1 or 2 small scratches. Bumper guards are in excellent condition. I've own (first owner) one of them since 2011 and the other since 2012 and put about 30-40 hours average per year on each.

Email me with questions and pictures.

k.choth @ gmail.com



I'm adding the following along with the trade:

-3 sets of sppp 123
-1 retail sets of sppp 118
-1 set of Acelon Wildfire 17
-a reel of cyber flash 16g string with 5.5 sets remaining
-either 9 or 10 tourna tac XL over grips (in a roll)
-3 sets of ogsm 17g (cut from reel, 120ft)