FT/FS Dunlop Biomimetic 200 Lites, 4 3/8

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    I have Dunlop Biomimetic 200 Lites, 4 3/8 grips in great 9/10 condition (I am always conservative in listing condition of gear, just check my references).
    Tried but just never did work for me, though they have that great Dunlop Bio pop and feel. Just don't use them and barely did since I got them.
    Strung with hybrid (Solinco tourbit 17/Wilson NG). Frames and grommets in pristine shape. Strings have very modest wear but I'm sure you'll want to put your own set-up in them to experiment anyway.

    Am willing to trade for: Head Radical IG Youtek MP, Head MG Radical MP,
    Dunlop Bio 300 Tour, maybe a Wilson 2012 BLX ProStaff 6.1 95. I can get the Radical MG and the Dunlop Bio300 tour new for under 90$ so may just buy them right away and then sell the Dunlop 200 Lites rather than trade across---but willing to listen to offers. Just seeking my post-Prestige middie Holy Grail of a control racquet with a tad more comfort for aging arm and still good technique.

    Shoot me email address and I'll gladly send pics and chat.
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    Racquets no longer available. Thanks!

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