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    Dec 14, 2009
    Hi all,

    i have got a few frames i am willing to trade.

    3 x Head i. prestige MID's (4 1/4 grip):

    - 2 of them literally used once or twice. easily 9.5+ / 10 condition. one of them was used until string broke (so only one restring). The other used for 2 matches in a tournament. Still has its first restring intact, Klip K-Boom, 48Lbs. Other one unstrung.

    - 1 of them was used for about 2-3 months, on rotation, with some other mids that i sold a few years ago. So probably only about 1 months (maximum 2) months tennis out of it (2-3 restrings). 9.5 / 10. Still strung in Klip K-Boom, 48Lbs.

    2 x Head I. prestige MID PLUS's (4 3/8 grip):

    - 1 of them i would rate an 8.5/10, however needs a new bumper, as one small spot on the bumper has lifted away from the frame. There are barely any scratches on the frame though (and bumper for that matter - weird that it lifted??), and is in great condition. I am happy to install a new bumper but cant find the actual i. prestige ones, only the newer ones which the cap goes right to the last grommet hole (not tapering the last 3 or so grommet holes). If anybody can tell me where to get actual i prestige grommets i'd be happy to install them. Unstrung.

    - 1 of them i would rate 4/10. There are a few typical scratches and wear and tear marks, but that alone i would rate it a 6.5/10. But The reason its so low is the black paint in the throat has all flaked away. Making the racquet look a lot worse than it actually is. racquet has no cracks, and still fine to play with. Unstrung.

    i am looking to trade for Head i. Radicals MP's. Any grip size.


    ps. please note: my camera dies yesterday (perfect timing) and is getting repaired right now. I have already dropped it in. So there are no photyos available just yet! But the moment i get it back, i will take photos and post on here and on emails. I have tried my absolute hardest to describe the racquets as perfectly as possible.

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