Fun fact . Never met a stringer who fon a single match.


You know what, it was fun while it lasted. Now it's tedious nonsensical time wasting BS. Reported, killfiled and I hope they thrash you and this thread. Adieu.


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Says the miki thread troll dweller.
No need to explain anything to me in a troll thread .
You are all trolls here .
Anything you say here is a joke.
Only difference is miki is better then you at this game.
A troll thread that you’ve come out of the woodwork to inject yourself in (hmm, I wonder why...). If we’re all trolls, then so are you my friend.
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I've always been a fan of the big 3. However the more time I spend on ttw the less I like Djokovic. Sadly not because of him, because of his fans. So much nationalism, ego, self aggrandizement, victimhood, ignorance and obnoxiousness all rolled into one. This thread being a perfect example.
Novak's own family as another reason I stopped liking him. Bunch of arrogant...