Fun Facts, Number 1 rank since 1980 (partially 1973) Part B

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    Below are the 23 players that have held the rank of Number 1. The rankings began in 1973, and the data isn't continuous until Jun 1984. For the years of 1982 and 1983 I took the top 50 players and looked at their profiles, and in Dec 1980 looked at the top 100 players profiles. This should be for the most part the bulk of people who've obtained a rank of number 5 or better. There are exceptions as you'll see Laver, Rosewall are missing, just to name a few. They didn't rank in the top 100 after 1980 so they are missing, and it's probably better because their rankings came at the end of their careers.

    Along with the names are amounts of wins, losses, total games, and win %
    1) Bjorn Borg: 603W, 127L, 730TG, 82.60%
    2) Ivan Lendl: 1,071W, 239L, 1,310TG, 81.76%
    3) Jimmy Connors: 1241W, 277L, 1,518TG, 81.75%
    4) John McEnroe: 875W, 198L, 1,073TG, 81.55%
    5) Rafael Nadal: 348W, 79L, 427TG, 81.50%
    6) Roger Federer: 626W, 151L, 777TG, 80.57%
    7) Pete Sampras: 762W, 222L, 984TG, 77.44%
    8 ) Boris Becker: 713W, 214L, 927TG, 76.91%
    9) Andre Agassi: 870W, 274L, 1,144TG, 76.05%
    10) Andy Roddick: 471W, 151L, 622TG, 75.72%
    11) Stefan Edberg: 806W, 270L, 1,076TG, 74.91%
    12) Lleyton Hewitt: 488W, 164L, 652TG, 74.85%
    13) Ilie Nastase: 753W, 288L, 1,041TG, 72.33%
    14) Mats Wilander: 571W, 222L, 793TG, 72.01%
    15) Thomas Muster: 622W, 271L, 893TG, 69.65%
    16) Jim Courier: 506W, 237L, 743TG, 68.10%
    17) Marcelo Rios: 391W, 192L, 583TG, 67.07%
    18 ) Yevgeny Kafelnikov: 609W, 306L, 915TG, 66.56%
    19) Patrick Rafter: 358W, 191L, 549TG, 65.21%
    20) Juan Carlos Ferrero: 389W, 209L, 598TG, 65.05%
    21) Gustavo Kuerten: 358W, 195L, 553TG, 64.74%
    22) Carlos Moya: 572W, 312L, 884TG, 64.71%
    23) Marat Safin: 405W, 246L, 651TG, 62.21%

    The other ranks will get posted later

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    Can't believe Nadal is in the top 5 wow. I also expected McEnroe to be below Federer. Lendl has been more dominant than a lot of people give him credit for. It's funny Safin always seems to come last (as a #1). I never thought Roddick would make the top 10, another player who is doing much better than a lot of people think. Very interesting again, thanks.

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