Funniest posters in TTW


Sabaratha if i spelt it correctly-left the forum.
The guy who made the Nadal-Sampras RG only Sampras serves thread who wins.
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How about @SoBad walks in a bar, holds up two fingers, and in slurred speech: “Sir, can I have ten beers please?”o_O
He doesnt make fun of people, but put himself on the plate!
Make fun of others is a low brain sense of humour in my opinion. That’s why I don’t like vive for example, bad vibe over it.

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It used to be @Gorecki , if only he can roll with the punches.
i used to have fun here with Malakas, and couple of dudes from back in the day, mostly banned or absent.... since the forum was taken by storm by this new crew of insufferably dishonest nadal fans and the whole Djokovic brigade , its gotten very tedious and my funny vain dried out completely.

I also broke my back for real and stopped playing, which got me out love for the game and off the loop in terms of news, players and the whole bazinga....

My vote goes for Sentinel
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Comedy is extremely subjective. Luckily, I came up with a fair objective list.
@Red Rick - IMO the highest peak a poaster can poast at. Looks like Peak Shaq in the post.

@Robert Baratheon - Extremly witty dry sense of humor. Usurped the Iron Throne of Westeros. Below average drunken hunter.
@Federer and Del Potro - Meme Kang. Looks like a bearded Devon Werkheiser (his own words and he has no reason to lie).
@StANDAA - A stalwart of Tails army and lyrical genius, Eminem would be proud.
@Bender - An equal opportunity master roaster. Seems to always know what to poast. Robotic.
@MichaelNadal - Slays with wings and Gandalf :cool:
@Meles - For his #diamondgen threads
@StrongRule - For endless cringe poasts during the Nadal match threads :-D
@sureshs - For giving us the real slem.
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I guess my “likes” elicit favorable impressions due to my boring and dry contributions only. I fail every time at humor, no?

Wiseguytommy asks y’all this very important question though:



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Btw Eminem is aight, he's just frustrated me for the last decade with horse ****e albums and tracks (with a few exceptions) when you've listened to his **** growing up, way, way past his prime.

Put that noob Jay Z in his place in Renegade tho, murdered him on his own track