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i used to have fun here with Malakas, and couple of dudes from back in the day, mostly banned or absent.... since the forum was taken by storm by this new crew of insufferably dishonest nadal fans and the whole Djokovic brigade , its gotten very tedious and my funny vain dried out completely.

I also broke my back for real and stopped playing, which got me out love for the game and off the loop in terms of news, players and the whole bazinga....

My vote goes for Sentinel
Hello sir ( or ma’am if you’ve changed:)
The usual suspects. My brothers from the Vortex @stringertom and @Sentinel, and others in that dread. @JoelDali modern deadpan absurdist comedic stylings are gud but he is too crazed about Sureshs and that affects his performance sometimes.

@vive le beau jeu ! is superfunny and makes me laugh a lot even though he is the biggest Nadal hater.

@Red Rick, @Federer and Del Potro, @Poisoned Slice and too many others to name. @Sysyphus has a very poignant wit too. His "fake noose" remark upon the tragic departure of the beloved Jeffrey Epstein had me ROFL, for example.

@Dedans Penthouse is also a superb master of comedy, and you don't want to be on the dealing end of his comedy stick.

@dgold44 is in a class of his own, though I suspect sometimes it's not comedy he is shooting for, but it is good all the same.

PS: Damn it, @stringertom they other day I used Sabooshian in a text message outside of the Vortex.
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Cheer Rommeister... you were one of the good indeed you old dog...
Hello sir, hope you’re feeling ok. I hear you on the body limitations . Maybe on a good day we can learn and figure skate together and compete at the Winter Olympics in Mombasa


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preliminary nomination of 'the funniest person of ttw 2019' on the way, mamorman...........any $prize from ttw organizers:?)) or sponsors:?)) how abt a pack of string savers:?)) come on guys, only a few bucks:love::love::love::love:..............

or nothing but bit virtual self-comfort or peer-comfort psychological savers........lolololololol manohman:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D.............
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