Future direction from C10 - TW Play testers

For anyone who can give their views on this. I'm 51, 2m tall 105kg advanced player whose been using the C10's with a leather grip (360g) for quite a long time, mainly serve and volley but can play all court and I'm going to order a few more C 10's shortly. I use a grip 5. My question however is about looking into the future and buying stuff moving on as I age. I am partial to the Volkl comfort and trying to work out what I should buy up now before stuff becomes deleted.
Currently you have a few SG 10 Mid 330 in G5, the SG 10mp 295 and V1 Pro( which I can weight up) and snything you guys/gals may know coming in the future which I should consider. From the other brands the Yonex V Pro 330 is an option. ( Do you think the Yonex is a better option) Some advice please.