FXP Prestige to Babolat APDC?


I have been using the FXP prestige for like 6 months now and i have gotten used to it and i like the feel of it but i want to get a raquet with a bigger headsize and a more open pattern so im thinking of getting an APDC because i have used something similar so im used to the open pattern and everything but will it have the same feel as the FXP prestige? i use to use the Prince o3 hybrid hornet MP.


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why not try the fxp prestige midplus? and if u want more spin u can try experimenting with different strings. the closed string pattern is gonna offer the control, but a low strung poly should give u ample spin.
i was also looking for a more spin racquet after i got the fxp prestige mp. but decided to keep it becasue of thecontrol. also, i think racquet does little in terms of spin. good technique is what really matter.