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The forum itself now searches and presents related threads with some threads from many years ago. The forum uses word associations to search. It seems as if there might be more old threads appearing lately?

Tennis stroke techniques change and ideally you would want to study the latest information with false beliefs culled out. On the forum, the mixed quality of information is already pretty bad regarding true vs false and mixing in additional old bad information, that has been disproved, can make matters much worse.

Nothing shows this more clearly than the sad tale of tennis and forum knowledge of the tennis serve:

1980s - Badminton researchers studied the badminton smash, using high speed video, and learned that the defined shoulder joint motion of Internal Shoulder Rotation (ISR) was very significant for racket head speed at impact. They also pointed out that ISR provided the most significant percentage of racket head speed for the tennis serve.

1995 - Publication by B. Elliott, Marshall & Noffal, using a multi-camera Motion Capture System, confirmed that ISR was the most significant joint motion contributing to racket head speed at impact for the tennis serve.

The importance of this information was recognized by the International Tennis Federation. And the biomechanical approach to tennis strokes was being more widely applied by 2000. See ITF reference Biomechanics of Advanced Tennis (2003) Elliott Reid Crespo. But I believe - on the level of the average tennis players and their instruction - the biomechanics is not widely known at the current time 28 years after tennis research confirmed the ISR biomechanics.

For the forum -

In 2011 - There was a TT forum thread on ISR and the serve that made it clear to me - like a cold towel across my face - how ignorant I was of tennis strokes. I had been practicing a DIY Waiter's Tray Serve technique for about 35 years and had never imagined ISR.

Since then, ISR has become more widely discussed on the forum. But if you find threads from before about 2011 on the forum, or before 1995 anywhere else, you will find many more false beliefs about the tennis serve.

We are in the New Information Age with true & false............
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