Gamma 6004 Stock Issues

Jay Embree

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I ordered a 6004 last weekend and got an email that it was going to be be on extended backorder until 12/28. Does anybody know how reliable that is? I have not been keeping up with the community lately. Covid related delays on machines?



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I ordered my X-ELS in August, and have been told it would arrive at Gamma Nov 23... Haven't called back recently to check whether it has been pushed, but I hope that's not the case!


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With the exception of the XLT, which is way overpriced at $1,995.99, all of the stringing machines below the 8900 ELS, which costs $4,199.99, are out of stock!

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Confirmed. I think all the Gamma distributors coordinate the order placement with Gamma themselves and the order is then drop shipped from the OEM. I see that Gamma has no 6004s in stock. I'm not sure why. Demand exceeding supply or they have stopped manufacture due to the pandemic.


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They've had issues getting some parts over from China. Either they had super low inventory prior to the pandemic, or there has been a huge increase in demand!


There was a thread about demand for restringing racquets when the lockdown was lifted. IIRC, demand was way down for services. I have seen no uptick so I am thinking the demand is not there yet. With little demand for restringing frames, I would think there would be little demand for stringing machines unless the shop was flush with cash etc. My personal guess is the orders are backed up at the factory. If the volume does not justify setting up a production line, I would think the OEM would not do it for the price the buyer wants. Has anyone checked the Xspider or Siobasi sites to see if they are still producing machines? I think Lily is still making stuff for Victor. :D


These aren't new cars. How many machines do you figure the worldwide market supports annually?

I'm thinking the number is low, although i can't even begin to make a guess.


No worries. Whole planet will be covered by models from Eagnas and Gamma alone.;)
I've owned both. Kmate as well. Also worked on a Neos for many years (shop machine).
It was actually an Ektelon H, if it matters....

No comparison, Gamma and Neos are nice machines......neither available currently.
Kmate and Eagnas can be had all day long.


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It’s probably because of me. I’m hoarding machines. I’ve got three stringers and four ball machines.

I’ve been trying to sell via the local markets.

I will say this. Tennis popularity has increased in Columbus, OH due to Covid. I’ve strung more, sold more racquets, and given more lessons since the lockdowns were lifted. With the cases on the rise and cold weather getting here, it’ll be interesting to see what’s next.


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As an update, it appears that Gamma is now showing all of the models that were previously out of stock (for less than $1,995.99) as "in stock" on their website, except for the following (from cheapest to most expensive):

Gamma X-6FC;
Gamma X-Stringer ST; and
Gamma 6004 (2 Pt and 6 Pt).

jim e

Dang. Maybe I should just take this as a sign and get a 5003 instead
The base clamps on the 6004 alone makes it worth while.
Base clamp difference makes a big difference between the two machines.
Give it some time, and go for the better machine, you will not regret getting the best machine you can get.
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