Gamma 602FC turntable wobble

I have had my Gamma 602FC for 2 years now with WISE2086 and its been fantastic. I am noticing some slight play/wobble from the turntable when pulling/releasing tension, its nothing big but there is a little play. I can see underneath the machine 4 bolts but these bolts are inaccessible to adjust. I have also adjusted the small grub screw on the side but all this does is loosen/tighten how the turntable spins around. Is the play/wobble normal or does it need adjustment? Thanks.
Loosen the grub nut, remove the turntable by pulling straight up. Then tighten the four bolts, if necessary. I doubt that is the issue, though. The sleeve the turntable pin fits into is a very hard plastic, wear part. Exact adjustment of the grub screw may remove most of the wobble you see. Wobble from that point has no bearing on string tension, though. Wobble from the fixed clamps would, although highly skilled stringing technique should yield consistent string tensions.

My sleeve had a lot of inside wear which made a displeasing grating noise. I smoothed it with fine sandpaper, then lubed. Gamma probably sells replacements. I briefly looked online but did not find an exact match. Removal requires careful but hard pounding from underneath. You can easily sand it smooth without removal.

How did you attach your Wise? Do you see any weaknesses or bends at your attachment points? How many racquets have been strung on it? I have not used my 602FC yet, or attached my Wise, although I have taken the stringer completely apart and marveled at its light, strong, and compact design. A medium duty bearing structure would add at least two kilos weight, increase size and cost.
i found the issue. Last night while stringing the turntable was getting VERY VERY wobbly. I loosend the grub screw and pulled the turntable upwards and it came off very easily (it shouldn't come off this easy!) It appears the metal bar had worked its way out of the top of the turntable. I cleaned and lubed the bar and hammered it back into place all the way to the top. Re-fitted and now seems solid again.