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Hello Gammatech or others. I'm having a couple of issue with my 6XFC that I wanted to run by you. First, I'm having issues with the composite string gripper. When I wrap the string into the gripper, the gripper isn't closing tight enough to hold the string in place, it slips, not always, but often. If I wrap the string multiple times in the gripper it holds. I've tried to adjust many times to try and provide less spring loaded action but to no avail. Is this gripper worn out? Should I be looking to purchasing a new string gripper?

Second, I have the standard fixed clamp. On one of the clamps, the fixed part of the clamp, when I tighten to the base of the stringing machine, there is very little tension to lock the clamp in place. The other clamp provides a good amount of tension when tightening. The good clamp, when I tighten to the left, I feel strong tension when tightening. The other is very loose. Just so we are clear, we aren't talking about the string gripper portion of the clamp. We are talking about the base which tightens the clamp to base.

Sound like the clamp has seen its best days or is this something that can be removed, calibrated and fixed?

Thanks for your help.

You should be able to adjust the clamp’s tension when pushing into the “lock” position by tightening the hex nut that attaches the clamp to the base from underneath. If you swivel the base and look from the underside, you’ll see that there is a hole on one side of each clamp’s “track”. If you slide the clamp over the hole, while it is still unlocked you can tighten the hex nut very slightly (start w like 1/16th of a turn) to add to the locking power of the clamp to the base when you move the level to “lock”.

If you overtighten, the clamp won’t move freely anymore when unlocked. But, be warned, the sweet spot where it moves freely and locks tightly is relatively small, and I find myself having to adjust that nut every 15-20 string jobs as it slowly loosens up thru usage.

As far as the gripper, maybe try using some rubbing alcohol and a shoestring to clean the diamond coated pads that hold the string. Once a string slips, it leaves string residue in the sandpaper-ish material and it’s gripping ability will be diminished, causing more slipping and more residue.
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Sean is dead on about the clamps and finding the sweet spot. It is a good time to take the clamp off the table and clean that up before adjusting too as it looks like it is do for a cleaning. If cleaning the rotational gripper doesn't work, they aren't terribly expensive to replace.
The clamp locking pressure to the base is easily fixed, but depending on how much slippage has occurred in the gripper it may be an ordeal to get the string residue cleaned out. A shoelace dipped in rubbing alcohol works well for me, you just slide it back and forth thru the gripper until clean. But, there’s only so much you can clean off if you have deep streaks of poly coating all over the place. Taking the gripper apart and using alcohol w a toothbrush on the gripping surfaces would probably be how I’d do a “deep clean”.


Thanks all for the advice. I removed and cleaned the clamps, and reinstalled. Once I tightened back up, the locking mechanism worked as it should. I'm still messing with the gripper but I think ordering a new one may be the best way to go. Thanks to all for your advisement.