Gamma clamp for Star 4

My babolat star4 clamp needs to be replace with new one.
Some users changed to Gamma without any size issues. (11.9mm shaft diameter.)

There are 3 different models in gamma sports dot com
- 4 tooth universal clamp
- 5 tooth universal clamp
- thin profile fixed clamp (not fully metal)

Anybody know the dealer I can contact ?
4 online shop which is linked from gamma page does not have it.


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@Gamma Tech or try calling Gamma Sports 412 323 0335 you could call Tennis Machines and see if the Star 4 clamp can be repaired.

EDIT: IMO repairing the Babolat clamp is by far the best option. Maybe @Babolat Official has an idea where to get a Babolat clamp or have yours repaired.
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I will be very interested to see how this goes. My Star 4 clamps also wore out (the cams wear down and the clamp will not stay closed). Babolat used to refurbish clamps but they stopped long before my clamps needed it. I bought one of the Gamma 5 teeth clamps. Yes it fits the clamp base but I never use it. When it arrived I took one look at the diamond dust inserts and threw the clamp in a drawer.
Here's a pic:

I don't remember if I tried Tennis Machines to refurbish the Babolat clamps. I think so but not sure.
Thank you Irvin and 19shoe.
I checked Tennis machines and Gamma was proposed.
But I realized the fact that has a weird dust inserts and seeking another candidate.
Taiwan poreex (Prince 5000, Alpha, etc...) seems have good clamps but shaft diameter is 12.2mm. (some grinding is requried)
The beef?

I don't want to be stringing and have the diamond dusted inserts fall out mid string job. I went through this with the Gamma starting clamp. The inserts fell out before I had used it even a dozen times. No thanks.

One of the clamps I tried when the Star 4 clamps stopped holding was the Alpha Ghost clamps. I sent them back immediately. Not just the shaft size (they don't fit) but I was under the impression the clamps had rollers and they don't. Which means they are susceptible to the same problem as the Star 4 clamps. They are also nowhere near as refined as the Star 4 clamps. The Star 4 clamp is a great clamp. Certainly the best I have used. Toyo-Zouki makes a 3 tooth clamp that will fit your machine. It is an excellent clamp but not as good as the Star 4 clamp when it comes to slippery multifilaments like Xcel and Optimus. It looks like this and if you private message me I can tell you where to order:

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I have a Pro Master machine, same as the older style Wilson machine.
Years ago I wanted to try out a 3 tooth clamp, found out that my machine clamps would work with the Star 4 clamps, and that eagnas clamps work for Star 4 so therefore the Eagnas clamps worked with my machine.
Only issue was they (Eagnas sent me a used clamp and a new clamp rather than 2 new ones. )
I heard that they were difficult to deal with once sale is done, so I never sent them back, but did use them for a few weeks.
The Eagnas worked alright but after a while I preferred the 4 tooth that came with my machine.
I guess after using the 4 tooth for so long, I just got use to placement of them, not saying anything against a 3 tooth , it comes down to preferences I guess.
I kept the Eagnas clamps as a back up in case something happens to my originals.
So with that said, I know the Eagnas clamps will work with a Star 4.
I do not know the price of the Eagnas now , but a few years ago they were very inexpensive.
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Thanks @jim e
I already checked the Eagnas clamps and knew it's size and shape is almost same with the star4 clamps.
But I don't believe they can produce reliable clamps with such a cheap price. (20~30 euro on some UK online shop)