Gamma fixed clamp base loosening


Hello TT stringers!

I have a gamma STII. I've had a chronic problem where only one of the clamps continually loosen on the base end that secures the clamp to the stringing machine. It gets to where the the rotating clamp will turn all the way without fully tightening to the base. I have to retighten the base every few jobs. Is there any long term solution to this problem?



Ask @Gamma Tech what to do. I suspect you will need to replace the washer at the bottom of the base. Or do a search as this type of problem has been reported here before in prior threads.

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Agree that the Gamma folks should be able to offer proper guidance, but it doesn't sound like a very serious issue. I'd bet that you could put some mildly sticky stuff in those threads - I believe the product is called "Lock-Tite" - to stop that loosening. Just take care to use the not-too-sticky version of that stuff so that you can still turn the nut with a wrench when you need to. The more sticky, "powerful" version of this product is closer to Krazy Glue.


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The blue variant of Loc-tite is the mild one. (The red variant is the super strong stuff).


Thanks for the help all! I will go purchase some blue lock tite. I may put it on the wise nuts while I'm at it.


I use Permatex Aviation Form-A-Gasket Sealant Liquid 3H (gasket sealer). The stuff is somewhat liquid and becomes a sticky goo over time. Good for gumming up the works but still allowing you to loosen and tighten.