Gamma Gauze Tape?

Discussion in 'Other Equipment' started by rabidturtle, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. rabidturtle

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    Aug 26, 2008
    So when I bought my stringer it came with a bunch of nifty strings and other goodies from Gamma, one of these was Gauze Tape.

    The picture instructions on the back indicate an overgrip, but what confuses me is why they give 25 feet worth?

    Who has used this & how does it perform?
  2. Nuke

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    Apr 13, 2005
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    I used to use the gauze tape back in the day. It's pretty old school. It came in lots of different colors. Wrap it over your grip just like an overgrip, with a bit of overlap. It's not very absorbent, but it gives you some more friction, which can help you hold on to the racquet. Beware: it can cause blisters. It's cheap, and easy to replace on changovers when you need a firmer grip. I haven't used it since switching to Tournagrip years ago, and I don't really miss it.

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