Gamma Progression II ELS Alternative?


I'm thinking of putting the Gamma Progression II ELS stringing machine on our team's equipment wish list/fundraiser? Are there other comparably priced machines I should consider instead?


Perhaps the Tourna 300-CS, plus a Wise 2086 ($945+645).

You'd have a linear gripper (with a diabolo), slightly quicker mounting/unmounting, a stand (and larger tool tray), and still have the crank as a backup tensioner.


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Pros Pro TomCat? I mean I've never used one, you'd have to order from overseas, and I have no idea what post-sales support would be like. But dang it, I just want somebody to get one already!


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Tennisman stringmaster + Wise - this look to have great base clamps

What Wes suggested would be a great option. If you search around you can find people suggesting you can get the machine at wholesale.