Gamma TNT2 Fusion Plus 19 (REVIEW/FEEDBACK)

Discussion in 'Strings' started by Zachol82, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. Zachol82

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    Dec 8, 2007
    Have been using this hybrid setup for a good 6 months on several different racquets now and would just like to leave a feedback so that others who are interested in these strings can have a basic idea of what they should expect.

    First off, a little bit about myself and my game since this affect the performance of the strings significantly. I do play on my college's tennis team and I hit approximately 2 hours a day, 6 days a week. My shots have both spin and pace to them, although I would say that my game consists of a lot of spin and I rarely hit at 100%. These strings typically last me 2-3 weeks and when they break, they have been breaking right at the center of the racquet, both mains at a time every, single time now. They don't fray or show many signs; they just break.

    I've strung these at 50-52lbs.

    The strings:

    The mains are 19-gauge and the crosses are 17. That being said, 3-4 weeks lifetime is quite adequate for such a thin gauge. I have tried other 17-gauge strings in the past and they have lasted 2-3 weeks for me.

    String Movement:
    A LOT of string movement! If this is one of your areas of concern when deciding on strings, stay FAR away from these strings; they move a ton and are very difficult to straighten(practically impossible to be honest due to the nature of the strings). Make sure you keep an eye on the strings since they will move so much that it WILL affect your game-play if they are uneven or if they leave huge gaps in the string-bed.

    Very lively for the first 2-4 hours of play; afterward, they're just lively. I definitely have been sticking with these strings because of the way they feel. I just love how you can feel where the ball is on your string-bed when contact is made. The liveliness is, I'm sure, due to the extremely thin gauge of the strings.

    The textured surface definitely helps with the production of spin. I actually feel like there is a bit "too much" spin for the first 2-3 hours of hitting, but afterward, it's completely perfect. Granted, my techniques and strokes are focused on producing a lot of spin, but I can definitely tell that the strings themselves are adding a lot of spin to my shots as well.

    Laser precision! No, seriously, I can hit lines on purpose with ground-strokes, it's pretty amazing. However, keep in mind that this is only from feeds, during a real match situation, I am not always in position and opponents are trying to hit winners. Nonetheless, the control of these strings are definitely something to note. I know this because I can tell "before" I hit a shot if I'm going to miss my target or not, so it's definitely my fault and nothing to do with the strings. Sometimes, the string-bed would be so out of position, due to string movement, that it will affect my shots!

    Power/Pace(when I say power, I mean pace as well here):
    Not so much power, but enough for me since I produce my own power. If I want to concentrate on more power, I would have to change my grip toward the more eastern side from my usual semi-western, but that is to be expected. The crazy amount of spin that these strings provide will also take a lot of power away. Slices are usually short for me if I don't really, really push forward into them.

    Great strings, would definitely recommend others to try it! The main downside is definitely movement. I find it a pain to have to always look at my strings to re-straighten them once every 2 points. Again, string movement WILL affect your game, since these strings move A LOT and they will keep on moving out of position if you don't fix them.

    Well, that's it for the feedback. If there is something else that you want to know, that is not posted, feel free to ask!
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  2. nvottennis

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    Dec 23, 2009
    Never a big fan of kevlar, but you make it sounds pretty good! How would you say this plays to any other setup you tried? Was there a different one that created more spin?
  3. coachrick

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    Feb 19, 2004
    Austin, hook 'em, Texas
    This was a 'sleeper' sort of string about 6 years ago...I installed it for a few clients and they were amazed. Over time, I mixed the hybrid to make a few sets with NRG or X-1 crosses and used the original TNT crosses as full jobs in a number of rackets. Even mixed the aramid mains with 18ga TournaPoly a few years back...great stuff in a V1 m+.

    I used quite a few sets in my Tour 10 m+ and DNX 9s back when I still played a bit. ~45# on mains, 55-58# crosses. You could see the ball fuzz fly! :) Decent feel with the low tension on the bullet proof mains but laser control with the crosses at the 'more normal' tension.

    The Infinity 18ga set up was headed in the right direction; but, I believe the Fusion 19 was near perfect. YMMV and all that :) .

    If you broke two mains on one shot, it usually sounded like a .380cal hand gun! I broke four mains on one service return and scared the heck out of the opposing net man!!! :) Sounded like a CANNON!

    Nice review. I would suggest trying the lower tension on the mains and higher on the crosses for some folks. For me, the lower mains keep the stringbed from feeling too boardy and elbow-damaging while they still offer plenty of control when my power would cause them to 'bottom out'. Hitting with low to moderate pace felt fine and the 'big' shots didn't fly. Of course, the mains will move if you are hitting with spin, especially as they age a bit.
  4. Zachol82

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    Dec 8, 2007
    I have tried many other setups and I seem to like this the most. In terms of spin, I would say that the Solinco Tour Bite comes close but still doesn't compare just yet. Ultra thin gauge + textured surface really give players easy access to spin.
  5. djNEiGht

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    Oct 4, 2010
    Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, CA
    Thx for the good read

    I can't remember which TNT I used before but I hear you about the movement. I might consider again.

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