Gamma X-6 FC & Alpha Pioneer DC Plus

Which one?

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I’m looking to buy my first stringer, and I’ve narrowed it down to the Gamma and Alpha 6pt, fixed clamp drop weights (apparently I’m into the Greek alphabet). FWIW I already know how to string.

I intend to do a small amount of stringing service with it—probably not enough to warrant the need for a lockout (crank).

Please share your opinions on these models or any comps you think I missed.


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I have an older model of 'Gamma X-6 FC' Racquet Stringer. I've been using it for several years and have no complains. The new version has K-type fixed clamps and Slim profile diamond coated string clamps - these are better than what I have on my older version. After few years of using a drop weight I added Wise 2086 Electronic Pro Head Tensioner but it is optional and depends on number of string jobs you do and of course your budget. Hope it helps.

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For me, the gamma mount components are more secure compared to alpha, but I don't like the rotational gripper on the gamma.
I'm still going to recommend the gamma with the idea of adding the 2086 later, as previous poster mentioned.


I'm a Gamma user, but at that price point I'd go with the Alpha.

It has better featured base clamps (huge bonus to me), otherwise it's a toss up.
Yes, I would also prefer the linear gripper as well!!