Gamma X-ST mini review and vs RAB Stringmaster 1000


I bought the Rab 10 years ago and I guess it served me well apart from the clamps which have been disappointing. Every other machine I'd seen on Youtube seemed to have better clamps than mine! By better I mean slicker and easier to lock/unlock and move around the turntable.I even bought some pros pro clamps which are better but still not great.

So after some deliberation I bought the Gamma X-ST from Gamma-Europe for about £1,100 for the machine, stand and cover. My first impression is "Wow", it's a whole new game. Assembly was straightforward and it looks great. The clamps are brilliant in comparison, so smooth and clicky. The turntable rotates so easily - I gave it a bit of a spin and for a moment thought I'd discovered perpetual motion! The tension head is solid.

The suspension mounting seems a bit more fiddly than the Rab but I'll get used to it. Another slight negative of the Gamma is when setting the tension - the scale could do with being a bit bigger. But that is being really picky.

I understand the principle of the string guide, but the Rab does not have one and can't say I missed it. I've only done one racket so far and I used the guide - I thought it might be a bit fiddly but it wasn't. Just need to sell the Rab now.


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Congrats on your purchase. I used a X-ST for years and still have it on hand to use for racquetball racquets and as a backup. You'll occasionally need to adjust the clamp bases, but that's not unique to this machine. Unit will nicely upgrade with Wise 2086 down the road. Keep the clamps and swivel base clean and you'll have no problems. Solid machine.