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Right now its 2-1 Nadal in the 3rd. Gasquet looks dead tired, he was just down 15-40 on his serve, he's had a couple of game pts but its deuce now. I've only been watching it since 5-4 Nadal in the 3rd, but I wouldn't anoint Nadal the next anything right now. Gasquet's forecourt game is clearly better than Nadal's, plus he can stay with him from the back. Nadal's game doesnt seem to give Gasquet the trouble it gave Federer. Gasquet is really controlling alot of the rallies right now, even though he's tired. He's pulling Nadal wide to his backhand, then coming to the net and finishing the pt.

It's 15-40 on Nadal's serve right now.
30-40. If Gasquet can break here, I think he can win the match.

I guess all the matches in qualies and the main draw have caught up to him.

Gasquet just had a brain cramp and tried a drop shot return of serve on break pt which Nadal easily put away.

All things considered, if Gasquet and Nadal are playing with the same level of freshness, I'd go with Gasquet the majority of the time. His game is more versatile.


Gasquet just blew another break pt BTW.


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Nadal just closed it out, 6-3 in the 3rd.

I see he's back to his habit of falling on the ground after a win

Steve F.

Looks like RG ran out of gas there -- what a great run, as recent as January he was out with chicken pox, so he can probably use the extra day off before the rest of the clay season --


Good to see Gasquet we can throw him back into the mix with Nadal, Monfils, and Young as the future of men's tennis.


Eh... Young stil has ways to go but I agree with you on the other three. Fresh young blood always brings excitement to the pro level.


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I saw the first set, and part of the second, and will watch the rest tonight on replay. I had a class today, and the rain delay messed up my plans. *lol*

I also saw the Gasquet/Fed match yesterday.

I'm very impressed with Gasquet. I had heard a great deal about him before, and he definitely is very talented, and he showed that yesterday and today. And he's only going to get better. That backhand down the line is going to be a feared shot!

I've seen 15 of Rafa's matches this year, and many last year (including the DC final match). I have never seen Rafa as nervous as he was today. And I don't think it was the occasion at all; it was his opponent.

And it wasn't because of his opponent's game, IMO. It's because of the junior rivalry they had going, where folks were talking them both up as being the "next great" things. Many were saying Richard was better than Rafa, and the first time they played, in a challenger, Rafa retired after the first set, citing an injury. Some folks said it was because he was "afraid" to play Ritchie.

So last year in Estoril, where Rafa suffered an injury to his foot, he continued to play his 1/4 against Ritchie, even though he was in great pain. He was afraid that if he retired, there would be further talk that he was "afraid" of Gasquet. So he played through the pain, and won. They carried him off the court, and discovered he had a broken bone in his ankle and he didn't play again for almost 4 months.

Now, the two of them get along well. That's not the issue. They hung out a lot at RG last year, when Rafa was still on crutches.

But I think Rafa felt more pressure playing him than he has any other player in recent times. He's got the second best record on the ATP this year, but if he lost to Gasquet, it would have resurrected the "junior" rivalry and insecurities. Rafa didn't want that; he can take a loss to Gaudio or Coria -- but not Gasquet. And that's why I think he was so shaky at times.

Rafa had two opportunities to serve out the first set, yet didn't convert. Had another opportunity in the second set, and failed there, too. Up until about 7-7 in the first set tiebreak, neither player was able to hold serve -- total nerves by both players! Something very unusual for Rafa.

So, yes, be excited about Gasquet. There's lots to be excited about, but Rafa blew many opps to win that first set. Ritchie certainly was tiring at the end, and that helped Rafa, but it wasn't as though either guy was blowing the other off the court.

But it was a fun match to watch, if you didn't care which guy won. Much better than Ferrero/Coria, IMO. Definitely something for us to look forward to.

Here's a couple articles on this issue for anyone who is interested:

Boy Wonders, Aus Tennis, May 2004:

Nadal & Gasquet: The Possibilities of the Two, Japanese Tennis, September 2003 (translated from Japanese):


Gasquet is 2 weeks younger than Nadal. It's time for VamosRafa to become VamosRichard. wow, another kid will be getting a court order against her. ;)


Anyone notice when Gasquet broke his strings, he went for another racket, but had to take his dampner off his old one and put it on the new one? I've never seen that before. Maybe he only had one? Maybe it was his luck dampner?


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antontd said:
Gasquet is 2 weeks younger than Nadal. It's time for VamosRafa to become VamosRichard. wow, another kid will be getting a court order against her. ;)
Nawwww, the next one will be much younger. Perhaps with the last name Agassi or Sampras, or better yet, Rafter. ;-)