Gasquet is cruising!

He won his first match 6-1 6-3 6-1 and now he's leading Simon 6-0 6-2. Is he a contender? A threat to Nadal/Federer? I'm looking forward to seeing him play because unfortunately USA did not show his first round match or this match.


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Nothing like a french bagel. Nice to know he's playing well. I hate it when up and coming players don't live up to the hype.


Gasquet is a streaky player, we should wait until he plays players of a higher caliber in USO before hyping him up.

edit: I'm not saying isn't a good player because he is, but it remains to be seen if he can compete with the likes of Fed/Nadal in this tourney. He's lived up to some of the hype but he is still inconsistant.


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That 3 setter he played against Fed in Toronto, he said he ran out of gas. He lacks fitness, his game is good enough to beat anyone, but he is nowhere near as fit as Nadal or Gonzo or has stamina like Andre. His lack of fitness is gonna cost him


I saw some glimpses, and Simon was absent from the court, so maybe the result is not that much to Gasquet's credit...


Gasquet is awesome (when he's focused). I find he wears out after the first set. That match with Federer I thought he was going to be doing really really well.. but unfortunetaly he lost his juice in that one -or- Fed began playing his game.

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gasquet could be a threat but the question is can he keep this up? he could be facing Hewitt in the 4th round.....should be good match