Gasquet vs Gonzales 09 winner breakdown stats and match summary


My stats:

Gonazles won 3-6, 3-6, 7-6, 6-2, 12-10

Total points: 191-191

Winners (not including aces):

Gasquet: 69. By set: 10,14,18,5,22

Gonazles: 63 By set: 8,8,15,10,22

Aces: Gasquet - 11 , Gonzales - 14

Winners by type

Gasquet: 15 FH, 16 BH, 28 FHV, 9 BHV, 1 DS

Gonzales: 36 FH, 13 BH, 3 FHV, 7 BHV, 2 DS, 2 Lobs

Gasquet for the 1st 2 sets was playing brilliant tennis, & in a style very different from his usual. Taking every chance to come in, often serve & volleying and taking 2nd serve returns on the rise and charging in, very often with success. Usually in his career we see Gasquet backing away to return 2nd serves. It beggars belief he could not see that the style here was his way forward to success in his career. Sadly he has spent far too much of his career far behind the baseline. His net skills in this match were impeccable.

At the outset of the 3rd set Gasquet played a very poor game. He got the break back but it was evident something was bothering him - he was not playing with the brazen confidence of the 1st 2 sets. Gonzo served for the 3rd set at 5-4 but Gasquet again fought back, with the aid of a crosscourt pass scraped from his shoelaces. The tiebreak was pivotal. Gasquet had a match point and he went for a big BH return - but netted it.

The 4th set Gasquet's movement was worse & he called the trainer. His problem was blisters. Remind us of anything? I think people who say Cillic's problems were mental not physical need to look at this match. Blisters are insidious things not easily dealt with. It hampered Gasquet for the rest of the match. At the end of the 4th set a needle was used to release the built up fluid to take some of the pressure off. It worked to an extent but Gasquet was forced to end rallies quickly. He fought bravely and with passion - not something associated with Richard for most of his career. He held Gonzo off until 10-11 when, with the help of 3 winners Gonzales completed the comeback.