Gaudio cut his hair


You sure that is Gaudio? Aside from his hair his forehand looks really weak, which leads me to question whether it is really him.

Also looking at old pictures of him, he had long hair back in 2000. The guy in the video's clothes look to be from 2004ish.


it was a joke
he has the strings, shirt, racquet and Wilson and kirschbaum sign
and the way he holds his racquet
and now that i think about it, its not that funny


i thought everyone was joking too
i was kinda making fun of the guy because hes a gaudio wannabe and obviously not sponsered by wilson or krischbaum

fist pump

its probably gaudio trying to look like someone so he cant be recognized after being bageled by fed 6-0 , 6-0.

Andy Zarzuela

The Chinese lady screaming in the background is hilarious. This guy isn't that great. The only thing I liked about the video was his first forehand, where he just flicked it....that was pretty neat....his strokes (especially his backhand) aren't technically sound. The forehand is ok though...