Gaudio rips his pants while hitting a backhand!!!!!


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DADYO said:
NOT good pubblicity for Diadora :mrgreen:
I don't know many tennis shorts that wouldn't rip if you forcibly pulled at the pockets which it appeared he did, but yeah you're right, it kinda makes the clothes appear low quality, but the clip is too funny to think about that anyway.


Wow, Gaudio vs. Safin on clay could become an R-rated match.

(Safin dropped his shorts once, remember?)


Funny vid. I like how he tries to piece it back together with his hands. Too bad we couldn't see it from the reverse angle.
I did that a couple of years ago hitting a forhand. The server jammed me, and as I swung at the ball, the butt cap caught on my pocket. It ripped the shorts right down from the pocket. Fortunately, the shorts had the built-in briefs. Unfortunately, we had just started, and I didn't have another pair of shorts with me.