Gaudio vs Moya : Live on

What a great 1st rd match up. I hope to see lots of long ralleys. I paid 19.95 for full live streaming computer coverage of 3 masters tournaments. I have high speed cable so it works great. If you have dial up forget it

Live tennis
No commercials
Coverage during change overs
locker room interviews

This is much better then TV

I guess moya wins as he is usually better on hard courts.


Hall of Fame
Cool.. Thank you for the review of this service =)
Now we can catch the Europe's Masters Series Tournaments even our tv provider doesn't want to show it


I walked over to see how this match was going, and all I saw was the last game. I left and the golf cart carrying Gaudio passed me but then was slowed down because there were too many people. Gaudio was on the back facing backwards and I was right in front of him, 3 meters away. It was pretty awkward.
Anyway, he's just a little older than me but looked much older. He looked like he'd just been through a war in which he lost his whole family and all his friends.