Gel Res 3 vs CB 3.3!!! Let the battle of the yellows begin!


First off I've been living on Nike shoes for tennis and Asics shoes for running for a couple years now, this is the 1st time I have ever tried an Asics tennis shoe. I have a medium width foot with mid arches and usually run 11-11.5 in tennis shoes. So far my favorite shoes for tennis are (or should I say were) the Breathe Free 2, just loved the shoe very much.

Now the GR 3 was, like any Asics shoe, unbelievably comfy! Very nice and soft upper that really moved with my foot from the very first moment I put them on. The memory foam in the heel and plastic frame also did a very nice job of locking my feet right in which for me is a MUST. I moved quick on the court especially when moving forward or backpedaling, lateral movements were also not bad. Traction was good, only slight slippage after half an hour or so on court. Didnt fall once in these even on heavy changes of direction. The shoe breathed well and kept my feet relatively dry, also just to add they dont hold any smell like some shoes do, this is nice if you have others around (dorm, apartment, etc.). On looks, this shoe is really nice in pics but WAY better in person, the yellow really is not that bright IMO. This shoe impressed me more then I ever thought it would and took the place of my beloved BF 2 as my favorite.

Now my "V-Day" gift (found it a few days early) the CB 3.3! This shoe looked great, loved the design more then any other Nike offering. It's like a cross between a Cage and Vapor in the upper but the sole and cushioning system are all Courtballistec! Out of the box these things SUUUUUCKED!!! I cannot express that enough, it took a weekend of play and just walking everywhere with the CBs to get them to feel good. If you can get past the break-in you will be rewarded with a (slightly tight) glove like fitting shoe that will support you in places you didnt know could be supported. It locked in my foot completely, so much to the point it felt like they were a part of me. AMAZING during lateral movements and when making extreme changes of direction, I felt immensely confident in all movements with this shoe. The only time I slipped is when I slid into a squash shot forehand and then began running to the opposite side of the court only to have the next shot hit behind me, I stopped and turned to lunge at the ball only to have my right foot come out from under me. I cannot blame the shoe for that since I put all my weight on the outside lip of the sole and then proceeded to push off. Breathability was very good and now after 6 and a half days of wearing them I can say they are one of the most comfortable shoes around. The Asics WERE my favorite, now the CB 3.3 is firmly set atop all others.

Here is how I see them:
Comfort-Really will vary greatly among players, I like the tight firm feel of the CB
Weight-GR GR GR GR
Movement-CB CB CB
So as you can tell, I loved the CB 3.3!