Gel Resolution 5 to Vapor 9.5 Tour?


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I have been wearing Gel Resolution 5 for past couple of years and before that Gel Resolution 4. Very happy with the shoe, absolutely no issues. I need to buy a new pair. Initially I was going to buy Gel Resolution 6 but then thought about trying something different - Vapor 9.5 Tour. I like the aesthetics of the shoe.

Looking for suggestion from people who have used both these shoes to give advise on whether I should try this or not. Should I just buy Gel Resolution 6?



I switch between Res 5 and Vapors regularly. Asics ride height is a bit higher, but the fit is more "glove like", if that makes any sense. Vapors seem maybe a tiny bit quicker, outer soles on the Vapors also seem to be more soft and grippy. I really like them both, interchange them regularly, the fit on either suits my slightly wider foot shape.


assuming you live in the us, one suggestion is to buy the vapors from nike dot com and return them worn within 30 days if you dont like them. we have no way of knowing what is going to suit your feet best.

sorry tw