Gems and blunders from the TTW tennis discussions


What if we predict future gems and blunders?
Not hard to pick some..... If you don't like certain players with rational reasons there's always a lazy response accusing you of .....
Tiresome. But, predictable. The upside.... you've won the argument.


terribleIVAN: Rafa does have a good forehand, which is (almost) on the level of Agassi. But both Becker and Sampras had a better one than Andre

Third Serve

Hall of Fame
As some of you may know, 90’s Clay made a short-lived comeback earlier this year during Wimbledon under the account @290Pistol. Here are some of his gems during this period:

The Wimbledon formula has always been "rig it for Fed". He'll get a host of mugs en route to another finals appearance.
Mehh.. The biggest contribution is a lousy generation of low achieving successors who should have pushed them out the door 5-6 years ago. The big 3 could be out partying every night with 40 hookers and an 8 ball and still dominate this generation of 20 something garbage dump for players
Fed at his peak would have tough time navigating through this draw to a title especially if Nole makes the final. 2017 fed sure isn’t winning a title if he has nadals draw

Nadal would have to be 22 again to make it through this crooked draw
Whats he whining about? He didn't have any real rivals until 2008. ROFLMAO. Nadal was still learning tennis outside of clay that entire time and didn't reach a single HC slam semis that entire time and Djokovic won his first slam when Fed already got to amass around 10 slams. . Thats 4-5 years of 200 year old Agassi who could barely move, Hole-ridden game Roddick, Hewitt who was already washed up by late 2005/early 2006, Nalbandian/Safin who showed up maybe 15 percent of the time.

ANd thank god he didn't dominate 3 slams a year forever. 85 percent of the people would have tuned out if it was Fed vs..... *Insert mug or old washed up Agassi" for another 4-5 years.

Yea Fed that was enough of watching you dominate the likes of Kiefer or Baghaditis:rolleyes:. No one wanted to watch another 4 years of that. If Nalbandian/Safin would have stood up to the plate like they should have in that era, it may have been watchable. Instead, Sampras-era holdover bad back Agassi had to pick up the slack.
Trash era. MUGeim bageled by 200 year old querrey. The “old3” will have 25 slams or more at this rate
The real GOAT Sampras. Pre bazooka racket era and homogenized slow jokes for conditions all year round. May as well just play on mud all year long now. Played during a time when conditions were diverse and there were actually more than 3 players on tour. And with a tougher seeding system for slams
ROFLMAO Fed's in a tiebreak with a 12 year old Country Club player with all the weapons of a little girl. Real threat to the Big 2.