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  1. gtshark1

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    Feb 4, 2009
    In lbs. what's the general difference between machine tension and actual tension right after stringing? I'm sure there are factors that make different numbers but what is an average lb difference?
  2. rich s

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    Feb 18, 2004
    it's not that simple.... that's why it is callled reference tension...

    many things can influence the resulting tension..... machine type (cp vs lo), string type, fixed v. floating clamps, technique/consistency just to name a few

    and in actuality it shouldn't matter.....find the reference tension that works with your particular racquet /string combo and go with it.....
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  3. KerryR

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    Nov 11, 2011
    It's really even 'worse' than that. Let's say someone asks you to string a racket at 55 pounds. They don't REALLY usually know what that means, they just know the last time they got a restring, that's what they asked for, and they usually are completely unaware the variables. If you've identified how much tension loss YOU typically get, and account for it by bumping up your reference tension so that the string tension measures 54 pounds off the machine, chances are pretty good that the racket will feel way too stiff for the stringee.
  4. Ramon

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    Sep 4, 2011
    I have a calibrated dropweight machine. My racquet is 100 sq in 16x20 pattern. If I set the weight to 50 and use a soft multifilament, I typically get a stringbed tension of 56-57 pounds as measured by RacquetTune (and yes, I calibrate my string factors so it's pretty accurate). The other day I strung a gut/poly hybrid at the same weight setting, but this time my stringbed tension was about 53 pounds. I think elongation has something to do with the differences, and weaving the crosses increases tension.

    If someone asks what tension I string my multifilament, I'll tell him 56 even though the weight was set to 50. If someone wants me to string his racquet with the same multifilament at XX pounds, I'll reduce the weight by 12% so it feels the same to him as a racquet strung by a typical pro shop (most of the ones in my area have lockout machines).

    On a lockout machine the stringbed tension will probably be close to the setting or slightly less. If someone asks a stringer to string that same multifilament at 60 pounds on a lockout machine, based on my experiences, I would predict that the stringbed tension would be in the neighborhood of 56-60 pounds. If the guy took shortcuts, it could be even less.
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