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I am disappointed in their products. Typhoon is by far THE fastest dying string ever. Even Lux has Galapagos tortoise's life expectancy compared to Typhoon.

Black Magic is basically Topspin Cyber Black. Heptonic and Hexonic are below other comparable strings (by price)...
Typhoon is awesome, loads of power and spin. Black magic has feel like natural gut, it's better than some multis I've played with. Genesis Spin X is a lower powered version of typhoon but retains tension longer and has the same pocketing. I have not tried xplosion, heptonic, or hexonic.


What is your opinion for the best string Genesis makes and why?
I have tried black magic and spin x. I think both have good ball pocketing (for polys), maintain tension well and have good pop. I prefer the spin x over the black magic, to me it's a little more lively.


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Spin X
Black Magic

all 3 are very good strings. Good tension maintenance, ball pocketing, pop, and spin.

depends which one feels best to you.


Got some samples and I'm really diggin the Black Magic. Its my 1st time playing with it. It has suprisingly impressive ball pocketing in both the 1.29mm and the 1.23mm for a co-poly without being mushy. Really outstanding feel for me at the net. The 1.23mm has a little bit more power and spin.
I'm a bit concerned about the durability of the 1.23mm, as there's some pretty good notching after 3 hours of hitting, but the tension maintenance has been very good.
I'm playtesting the same gauges in the Spin X next... can't wait.

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I liked Spinx the most, I got MORE action on the ball on a 18/20 frame than with typhoon on a 16/19 frame. Spinx had more feel Typhoon was a let down after all the hype.
I am currently enjoying Typhoon. I have a reel of BM to. It has become my standard poly for friends who want a hybrid. I use it with ProSupex Titian in the crosses. Everyone seems to like this combination.
I've been extremely impressed with their line of strings. As a bargain hunter I just bumped into one of their sales on their trionic line, which is an absolutely incredible bang for the buck IMO - spin, control, tension maintenance and durability. When that string went off sale, I tried their True Grit which is a little softer and perhaps more powerful, and again very impressive in every way. Have used the 17g and 18g. I use them in the crosses with Prince Lightning Pro mains, makes for a very cost effective set-up that thoroughly out performs it's price point.