Genesis Tournament Nylon


Hi all,

I just saw Genesis Tournament Nylon and the fantastic price of $20 a real. I'm currently using mostly Spiralflex, which is my personal fav. for syn guts.

I'm wondering if any of you have any experience with Genesis's Nylon. Please post your experience.

P.S. I don't want recommendations to other synguts in this thread. If you want to make comparisons, that would be very helpful.



Really, no one? Dang, too bad. I guess I'll have to experiment in the near future.
Just now seeing this. I've gone through 3 reels and I think it is fine for a basic string. I put this in one of my 4.5 players sticks and he likes it. It was the only 15L string I had at the time and he's been coming back ever since. I use it for crosses with Poly mains and I've tried it in full jobs for my personal racquets.
ONe of the best poor man's set up is Isospeed baseline/Genesis nylon for an all black set up for under $3.00 / frame.