Getting back to tennis after 3-4 weeks off

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by steve728, Feb 17, 2010.

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    Apr 29, 2009
    With all the snow on the east coast and scheduling conflicts with hitting partners (and a vacation thrown in there), I hadn't played tennis (indoor) for about a month. I played for the first time a couple days ago and felt wiped out. I had warmed up with some jogging and footwork exercises, and we both took it nice and easy initially. We played two sets, and my body would just not cooperate. Incidentally, I lost to someone I usually beat. The next morning, my body felt like I got beaten up. Very tight and sore. I understand there's always a bit of rustiness, especially with timing, after some time off, and admittedly I gained a couple pounds during my time off. But, man, this was different. Now, even more so, I'm motivated to get into shape (and lose a few pounds) off the court to improve play on the court. BTW, I'm 34 and have always been in decent shape --- but I guess age is starting to catch up to me so it's not so natural anymore. My legs usually don't give out, but they do on occasion cramp up or tightened up a little. It's usually that "tightness" that throws off my footwork or timing.

    Can anyone recommend exercises that will ease me into better conditioning? Running machine, elliptical, stationary bike, steps, etc?!? What types of exercises give the most benefit on the court? I usually don't go to the gym and would rather just play a few times a week instead, so I'd appreciate any advice. Not trying to prepare for tournaments and stuff, but looking for ways to slowly incorporate conditioning. Where to start?

    I'm also working on my diet as well.

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    try running, calisthenics, etc regularly to get your body used to moving again. think most of us are going to have that problem due to the weather.

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