getting butt cap off! HELP!!


Hi everyone,

I want to customize my racket to make it a bit more head light, by putting weight in the butt cap. I can't get the bloody cap off!! the staples are on really really tightly. I can't get anything wedged underneath the staples to remove them. any ideas?


Do you have to put it in the butt cap? Another option if you don't want to risk damaging the pallet and/or butt cap trying to pry it off, is laying down some lead tape along the pallet.

bruno hau

From the butt cap end (not from grip palette end, otherwise you risk damaging the grip palette), use an awl to dig under the staple and wedge it out a little, then use a plier to pull out the staple. You might leave some scrape marks on the butt cap but better the butt cap than the grip palette itself.
i just hope you dont have those fake rackets with a fake butt cap that actually is lock tight and even when you remove the manufacturer's emblem there isnt any insides.


considering i bought those rackets from TW...i certainly hope not
Pretty sure they are not fake if you got them here ;-). You should try with one of those small flat head screwdrivers (the ones that are used by watch-makers), you should be able to get it under the staple. Remember that the butt-cap its plastic, so you can push hard on it, you wont get it broke or anything.