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    i've tested and tried out plenty of racquets and i have a pretty good idea of what i like and don't like. these sticks are taking up too much room in my spare bedroom so i've finally made the decision to part with them. condition varies from 9/10 all the way down to 2/10 but i will gladly go out of the way to take extra pictures so you can see the racquets from multiple angles. i'm not looking to trade for anything , just to sell them and all racquets will be shipped priority mail. $10 is for shipping which you can add on to whatever you choose(sorry i will not ship internationally) . thanks for the interest..

    Prokennex Kinetic Pro 5G classics. both 4 3/8ths grips. one strung with wilson spin cycle, one strung with signum pro poly plasma. both at 56 lbs when i strung them. 2 for $150 or 1 for $85 i'd say condition is between 8.5 and 9/10

    Babolat Pure storm tours both 4 1/2. the matte' black finish. one strung with luxilon superpoly at 53lbs, one strung with hollowcore pro at 59lbs. i was trying to peel the paint off the silver babolat portion on one, it's not racquet abuse, just wanted to see if i could black it out and it wasn't worth the effor. both 8/10. 2 for $130 or 1 for $75

    Prince exo3 black . 4 5/8ths with leather grip. strung with prince beast xp. 9/10 condition. $80

    Prince exo3 tour 16x18 4 5/8ths leather grip strung with signum pro poly plasma. 9/10 condition $100

    Head capped microgel radical 98. 4 3/8ths head leather grip. strung with lux bb original. silicon in handle lead under grip. 12.6 ounces strung. condition 8/10 $80

    Head capped lm radical 98. 4 3/8ths head leather grip strung with lux bb original . silicon in handle , lead under grip. 12.5 ounces, condition 8.5/10 $80

    Head flexpoin radical 98. 4 1/2 grip. absolutely needs new headguard and replacement grip. condition 5/10 strung with lux ace 18 $40

    Head microgel radical pro. 3 of them , 4 3/8ths grips. one strung with beast, 2 strung with multi/gosen sidewinder hybrids. condition about 6.5/10 3 for $150

    Head youtek speed 16x19. 4 1/2 grip strung with hybrid. 6.5/10 $50

    Head youtek speed 18x20 4 3/8ths grip strung with prince poly tour/weisscannon matchpower 7/10 $60

    Prince thunder rip 4 3/8ths (built up from 2) leather grip with lead under handle (11.9 ounces) strung with luxilon alu power at 56lbs. this was my monster topspin on clay racquet for awhile. condition 8/10 $60 super fun hit

    Prince precision 730 longbody 4 3/8ths leather grip. strung with lux bb original rough at 53lbs. plays like pog longbody. 97 head, 28 length, 11.9 ounces condition 6.5/10 . hard to find $60

    Wilson blx blade lite (not really lite anymore) 4 1/2 grip. weighted up to 12.6 ounces, strung with multi/poly hybrid. swingweight feels 340 or so. plays like user-friendly rebel 95 (first version, more green) but with more open string pattern. condition 7.5/10 $75

    Wilson blx blade 98. strung w/leather grip. weight under handle 11.7 ounces. 4 3/8ths . condition 6/10 $70

    that's the first batch of used racquets i'm going to attempt to sell. hopefully this post can be published and you guys can help me get rid of some of these frames. i will also add a second list depending on how easy it is to sell on this board. thanks again for the interest. pat,

    if any questions please email me at and put TENNIS STICKS in the subject line so i don't delete them.
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    Is your Head capped Microgel Radical 4 3/8 still available?

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