Who else here likes Gilles Simon's game? His movement and anticipation are solid, his strokes are simple and clean, plus he plays very smart. I really enjoy watching him play, he has had some huge wins! I would kill to have his game...


I love Gillou's laid-back...the laser forehands he can produce with so little apparent effort are just amazing...


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He's so smart on the court. He's like a pusher with some real shots here & there. There's a genius to his style of playing. I know after two sets with Federer he only served up to 108mph which shocked me.


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He is only fun to watch when he is that Madrid 08 semi!
Right, but it can be said for every prayer. They are all painful to watch when they suck.
I like watching Simon. He's a lot of fun for me. Great defense, and suddenly some shots that seem to come out of nowhere. Very smart player.