Gimelstob under fire

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This man is despicable. Period. No excuses for him. heartfelt remorse..I bet.

Times online: Saturday June 28

Fault! Tennis star’s sexist attack on Anna Kournikova was way over the line
Gimelstob: hate is a very strong word. I just despise her to the maximum level just below hate
Patrick Foster

When Justin Gimelstob finished a slot last week on The Junkies, a breakfast sports programme broadcast to the residents of Washington DC, it may have dawned on him that he had stepped somewhat beyond the normal, knockabout style of the show.

In between his usual pronouncements on the state of tennis, the American, twice a Grand Slam title winner at mixed doubles and now on the board of the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), launched into an extraordinary diatribe in which he labelled Anna Kournikova a “*****” whom he wanted to harm, and described several other players at Wimbledon as “sexpots”.

Yesterday Gimelstob, 31, was forced to issue an apology to the women’s game and found himself suspended from the professional US tennis league in which he plays.

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During the radio interview, Gimelstob, a regular guest on the show, said that that he intended to hurt Kournikova next month, when they are due to meet in an exhibition match in Washington.

“I’m going to serve it right at the body, about 128 [mph], right into her midriff,” he said. “If she’s not crying by the time she comes off court then I did not do my job.”

Asked if that meant he hated the Russian, with whom he trained as a youth player, he replied: “Hate is a very strong word. I just despise her to the maximum level just below hate.” He added that he would not like to sleep with Kournikova, “because she’s such a ******”. Instead, “I wouldn’t mind my brother, who is kind of a stud, nail her and then reap the benefits.”

Exactly what benefits he was hoping to reap were not clear, or whether he had similar hopes regarding Alize Cornet, the French player he said was a “sexpot”, and Nicole Vaidisova, the Czech teenager he described as a “well-developed young lady”.

Unfortunately for Gimelstob, who was elected to the ATP board as a players’ representative one week ago, he plies his trade in World Team Tennis (WTT), a league founded by Billie Jean King, who has somewhat strong views on the subject of feminism.

“Justin Gimelstob’s comments on a recent radio show were clearly inappropriate,” King, the winner of 12 Grand Slam singles titles, said, as Gimelstob was suspended from his post with the Washington Kastles for one match, without pay.

King added: “It sends a clear message that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated, especially in a league founded on the principles of equal opportunities for all. I have met Justin and discussed the situation and I am confident both he and WTT will move beyond this unfortunate incident.”

Serena Williams, Gimelstob’s teammate at the Kastles, and whose sister, Venus, was Gimelstob’s partner when he won his Grand Slam titles, said that his comments were not professional. She said of his description of Kournikova: “It’s just totally uncalled for. It’s not good to say those things about people.”

In a sport where women have only recently won the right to equal pay at Wimbledon, sexism touches a raw nerve, and the other tennis boards also weighed in. The ATP made it clear that it was “appalled” by his comments, which it termed “disappointing and disrespectful”. A spokesman said: “The ATP cannot condone any form of intolerance.”

A spokesman for the Women’s Tennis Associationsaid: “We believe that he has learnt from this and will not be repeating his behaviour,” adding that the player had apologised personally to Larry Scott, the tour’s CEO.

In the locker room Gimelstob has a reputation as a harmless loudmouth, which was reflected in the reaction of the players he maligned. Vaidisova, 19, who is ranked 22nd in the world, said: “I know Justin, he’s a very nice guy. I know his sense of humour a little bit. I know he kind of talks like that a little bit, so I can cut him some slack.”

Gimelstob issued a statement expressing his “deepest apologies”. He said: “There is no excuse for my actions, and I am extremely disappointed in myself. I take full responsibility for all the words spoken, and, while I can’t take any of them back, I hope my heartfelt remorse can begin to heal any wounds I have caused.

“I do not feel that the views I expressed last week accurately represent the person I am or strive to be. However, I well understand how and why they offended so many people.”

Yesterday Gimelstob was at Wimbledon commentating for the Tennis Channel, a US cable broadcaster, but had no plans to talk to the press about his comments.

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For someone who's made such a minimal impact on the sport, im not surprised to see Gimbelstob trying to make a splash off the court. He fails miserabley on both accounts.

The man is insufferable

My sentiments exactly

Blue Drop

Gimelstob sucks. He was a mediocre player at best, and he isn't any close to that good as a commentator. Good riddance to him, the whiner.

Blue Drop

And his brother is "kind of a stud"? Please. Is that the brother who was conviceted in the hit-and-run death of a campus police officer? The guy's an utter coward.


Hall of Fame
I half expected to not see him on the nitely recap show in TTC, but there he was, unfortunately. Navratilova didn't look overjoyed so be sitting next to him.
He's a complete moron.

Jon Rudy

The only thing more cringe-worthy than those comments was watching him dive around like an idiot against Lleyton Hewitt at Wimbledon. I specifically remember the crowd cheering the first 11 times he did it, then growing tired of the act.


let me update this w/o making a new thread. perhaps most important tidbit of all is that Gimelslob never won a singles title and he's giving anna kournikova - who has had a by far much more distinguished career than him - grief? cmon.

WIMBLEDON, England (AP) -- Justin Gimelstob will make a donation to the Women's Sports Foundation following his derogatory comments about Anna Kournikova.

Gimelstob was reprimanded by the Tennis Channel, where he is a commentator at Wimbledon, shortly after his sexually charged remarks were made on a radio show last week.

Tennis Channel issued a statement and apology on its Web site Wednesday and requested the "substantial" donation to the foundation, which was created by Billie Jean King in 1974.

Gimelstob apologized for the comments about Kournikova and other female players. He remained on the air for Tennis Channel, which noted the remarks were not made on its network.

"We extend our sincere apologies to those who may have been offended by his comments," the statement said. "There is simply no place in our Tennis Channel family for language that is derogatory or dismissive of women.

"This is especially true with regard to tennis which, perhaps more so than any other sport, stands so integrated and squarely upon the contributions of women, many of whom have broken significant ground for equality and helped to tear down traditional societal barriers between the sexes."

Gimelstob, who never won a singles title on the ATP Tour, retired last year and is on the ATP board. He and Kournikova are to play World Team Tennis next month. Gimelstob will play for the new Washington (D.C.) Kastles team and Kournikova for the St. Louit that time," she said. "I don't think in any way that it subtracts from the competition level or how well we're playing.

"The fact of the matter is someone's got to win and someone's got to lose. Some days it's not who you think it's going to be."


"Yesterday Gimelstob, 31, was forced to issue an apology to the women’s game"

6months for killing someone in a hit and run?

Where's dedans? I jut filled up my tank :)


NO that is NOT the one. His older brother was the one involved in that incident, not his younger brother.

Oh, gee, I'm sorry. If i could edit the post I would. If the moderator would like to, that is fine with me.

However, this family has some major problems. I don't know who you are and I respect your loyalty to your friend; but your friend, Justin Gimelstob, is a tool. And his OLDER brother killed someone and was a coward about it.

I have LOVED tennis since I was about 7 years old (I'm now 39) and I have to PAY to listen to that moron on Tennis Channel. If I was Anna K. I would lawyer up, his family is used to it by now.

Jon Rudy

Justin is right about one thing, tennis wise AK is about useless.

As useless as Gimelstob was? They both won the same number of singles titles, unless you count Challengers.

Here's a good laugh from his Wiki page:

"In 2008 Gimelstob joined Washington DC's first pro tennis team the Washington Kastles. He is currently featured on one of the most annoying commercials ever to run on cable, for Tennis Warehouse. Gimelstob is a terrible actor."
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