Ginepri and Stepanek.....the truth

Fee said:
(Rabbit, you have the wrong Johansson. It was Joachim that was dating Jaslyn, but they broke up last year...)
Oh yeah? Have the Johanssons ever been seen with old Adolph? Stated they are not A.H.? Mentioned the Holocaust during a post-match interview? Now that 35ft6 gets me thinking on this matter, have ANY of you ever been seen with Hitler, and etc. etc.?


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No, I haven't been seen with Hitler, and BTW it's not a purse, it's European!!!

Just when I was starting to believe Rabbit's story, he slips up and ruins his credibility! Abort Mission!

Kaptain Karl

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I was hoping to learn how the ... tensions ... between the Argentines and the Aussies figured into all of this. (Especially after the Chela-Hewitt match.)[/size]

- KK


Rabbit - BreakPoint has brought it to our attention that someone has "cloned" his AND YOUR board identity.....

Hmmmmm.....I think they've taken notice of your observations!

Watch your back!


Rabbit said:
There is a reason Martina Hingis is named after Martina Navratilova and it has nothing to do with admiration. The Swiss financed, through ****s funds from WWII that were deposited in Swiss banks, the research started at Bosworth's. Bosworth had Navratilova come back in for another experiment. Martina was going to adopt the baby, but opted out at the last moment because of unwelcome exposure. The father in this experiment was none other than Heinz Gunthardt. As many long time tennis fans will remember, Gunthardt is the former coach of Grand Slam Grand Dame and current Las Vegas resident Steffi Graf.
This goes a long way toward explaining Hingis' amazing conniption after losing the French in '99 to Graf. She couldn't stand that her own father [in secret] was coaching the lady who beat her!
My God! It all makes sense now!


I have contacted another source, currently working at the Australian under cover. His nom de guerre is Biff Cardiff. Many members from the old boards will remember him. He has confirmed that the wrong Johansson was cited. The reported failure was that all Johanssons look alike to Americans. The information gathered by Biff Cardiff was done so at very high risk. The Evil Consortium planted this story in an effort to discredit the underground movement against them.

I don't think at this point it should suprise anyone that there are a record number (3) of Frenchmen left in the tournament. The Evil Consortium is trying to saturate the draw with Frenchmen in an attempt to bolster Roddick's chances at gaining the finals. It is a well known fact that French men are overly fond of cologne. The first war between Germany and France was started because the Germans had founded a town named Cologne and the French were angry that the name was stolen from them. The French lost that war (big suprise) and the Germans retained the name. The French went on to name their new city Paris. But I digress.

The Evil Consortium has provided the remaining French players in Federer's half of the draw with cologne. It is a well kept secret on the tour that Federer has a sensitivity to colognes and perfumes. His own cologne has not been selling well because it does not smell. In any event, the French are hoping to cause respiratory problems with Federer or induce a migrane that would disable him and leave him well below his normal capabilities in the finals. They code name for this plan is "French Battleship".

It should be noted that the olfactory onslaught to be perpetrated by the Evil Consortium will not come on court. The plan is far more sinister than that. No, the Evil Consortium has planned all along for this to happen in the locker room. The plan calls for Federer to be in the locker room, in close proximity to the French players. This will be enough to render him powerless against the eventual confrontation with Roddick.

It should be clear to anyone that the plot exists. Roddick's next opponent is Marcos Baghdatis of Cypress. Baghdatis is clearly a plant put in the 4th round as fodder for Roddick. How the Evil Consortium got Baghdatis is known only to another operative of the underground, Agent Barry White. Baghdatis is not even a household name in Cypress. The indication we have, from our operative, Agent White, is that Baghdatis was a plan gone awry. Stepanek was all along the intended opponent of Roddick. The Evil Consortium wanted Roddick to face a seed prior to the QFs. Agent White indicated to us on his last transmission that Baghdatis may retain the services of a bodyguard for the remainder of the tournament. An ex-WWF wrestler, Chad Wixx, was seen escorting Bahgdatis to and from his matches. Chad Wixx was drummed out of the WWF after it was discovered he had an addiction to porcupine urine.

The truth is out there.

Kaptain Karl

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Rabbit said:
... The first war between Germany and France was started because the Germans had founded a town named Cologne and the French were angry that the name was stolen from them. The French lost that war (big suprise) and the Germans retained the name. The French went on to name their new city Paris. But I digress....
I don't know why, but this digression had me laughing until I got the hiccups.

Good stuff, Rabbit.

- KK

Steve Huff

This "Babolat" theory may have something to it. I remember in 1975, a heavily favored Connors lost to Arthur Ashe who was using a Babolat. I know, it looked like a Head racket, but that was just a paintjob. It was actually a Pure Drive Team.
what a conspiracythat is all.xx
Rabbit said:
Submitted for your approval:

  • Ginepri and Stepanek both lost, on the same day. One has to ask one's self if it was just bad luck or was something more sinister involved?
  • Both players were visited after their losses by USTA officials carrying envelopes that appeared to be filled with money.
  • Both players were in Roddick's quarter of the draw.
  • Their exit means Roddick won't face a seed until the quarters.
  • And the top seed remaining, Ljubicic, struggled with two tie breaks in the first round, and a close 1st set in the next.

There are forces at work here that conspire to advance the Roddick agenda on a worldwide level.

Roddick has cruised through his first two rounds. But, he has faced unknown players like Lammer and Moodie (well Moodie ain't a household name). On the other hand, Hewitt has had to face the well known Vik. And, we as Americans all know the caliber of athletes that the Vick family is known for. (Vick is the American spelling.)

Because of this conspiracy, Roddick has played one more set in two rounds than Hewitt has played in one. Clearly, the evil forces of the Roddick empire are forcing his potential adversaries to struggle.

I promise updates as the tournament progresses.


Episode 6: The Revenge of the Underground

The Evil Consortium suffered defeat at the hands of a new champion from Cyprus. The heretofore unknown hero emerged from the birthplace of philosophy and democracy. Baghdatis was unaware of his pawn status in the giant chess game of world domination. Once again, Roddick failed to take advantage of the favorable seeding afforded him by the Evil Consortium. He had advanced, without facing a seed, only to fall short once again.

The alternate French plan, aka French Battleship, has proven wildly successful. Federer was considerably weakened and his stamina questionable in his contest against the German Tommy Haas. Haas extended Federer to five sets largely due to the use of Brut by the French contingent. Due to this success, look for a group of French "fans" to follow Federer around the world. They will all be doused in Brut, 24X7.

After his match with Haas, Federer complained of nausea, headaches, and double vision. These are clear signs of Brut overload. The Evil Consortium has plans to step up the campaign. If Brut does not do the job, they are going to surround Federer with "fans" doused in Aramis and a collection of knock off fragrances.

The underground is seeking to counter the attack, but has been powerless against such ruthless tactics. The only thing that can help Federer now, it would appear, is a kamikaze or Divine wind. The Divine Wind so desperately needed may have been found. In an attempt to battle this onslaught, the underground has recruited volunteers. These volunteers all suffer from meterorits or uncontrollable farting. It should be noted that Adolph Hitler suffered from this same malady. In any event, it is a scientfically proven fact that intestinal gas counters cologne and negates its effect on those who suffer from scent sensitivity.

A small, but unbelievably determined band of underground volunteers who suffer from meteoritis will mingle with the Evil Consortium's group. These Fragrance Fighters as they are known, will counter the cologne with each step they take. The hope is that this olfactory battle will be won by the Fragrance Fighters. The only hope of tennis and a potential Grand Slam may rest deep within the bowels of these few, brave volunteers. To further the cause, these people have been eating nothing more than beans and cabbage since the counter attack was conceived. They have refused any relief, be it in the form of Bean-O, Gas-X, or even Rolaids. All of the volunteers are under the age of 50 because, as everyone knows, the prime rule of 50 and over is never trust a fart.

I think we all owe this group a debt of gratitude, successful or not.

I do apologize for the slowness of this information, things have heated up with the Evil Consortium and information is hard to get. My operatives, Biff Cardiff and Barry White have had to go underground. The Evil Consortium has been scouring the outback looking for anyone connected with the sudden success of Bahgdatis.

The truth is out there.​