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    Oct 11, 2011
    I took my girlfriend to the PGA Superstore the other day to get her a B-day present and had a 25$ off coupon. I told her I'd get her a pair of shoes since she plays in running shoes. She picked out some 90$ Babolat's she liked and as I was about to purchase them I realized Babolat is cheap - they wouldn't accept the coupon. So I asked her if she wanted another pair. She was a little bummed, so I offered to buy them 25$ off or not. She declined and saw some Junior's shoes she liked. They were pink and resembled the men's Barricade 6.0s. I think they're AdiFluff or something. She tried on a pair of 6 1/2 juniors (she normally wears 8 1/2 womens) and they fit PERFECTLY!

    And these shoes were only 40$. I ended up getting her the shoes and a nice bag for 55 bucks. Do any other ladies take advantage of junior's shoes? It seems the sizing is totally different. Another lady in there fit into size 4 junior shoes!

    I'm pretty jealous, actually.

    EDIT: These were the shoes

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