Give me the official ruling

Here are a couple of hypothetical situations, give me your ruling:

Player A yells at player B right before B is about to hit the ball - fair conduct?

Player A hits the net after a stroke.
Player A's racquet goes over the net after a stroke but doesn't hit the net.

Player A serves, Player B returns - then a couple seconds later says it was out.

Ball goes onto your opponents court as you're playing, but he doesn't call a let - can you?


Hrmm I think these are some correct answers....but I could be wrong.....

I dont think you are allowed to talk to the opponents during play. Even if you could that would be low...

You cant touch the net at all during a stroke.

You can follow through over the net w/out touching it as long as you hit the ball on your side of the court. If the ball has lots of backspin and bounces from your side to your opponent's side, I think you are allowed to then reach over and hit it.

I think that would be a late call.

And finally yes you can call a let whenever a ball rolls onto the court, whichever side.