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    Murray vs Federer


    Agree with Tebbutt: best final is with these two. With Nadal not in form, this is the most likely also.


    BIERLEY: Enough Roddick. He hasn’t got a prayer. I know he won’t win either, but Grigor Dimitrov, the 18-year-old Bulgarian, excites me.

    TEBBUTT: Does he have a British grandmother?

    BIERLEY: We are working on it. Peter Lundgren, who coached Federer, reckons Dimitrov is better than Roger was at this age.

    CLAREY: Dimitrov is paying some of Lundgren’s bills now, so that’s a wise statement. But I think we’re all out of wisdom and time on the men. We’ll be back soon to look at the women’s tournament: a much less stable environment. Please join us as we continue to set the table for the start of Wimbledon on Monday.
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