go ancic!

congrats to mario ancic on reaching making it to the round of 16 at wimbledon. ever since i saw him go five sets with agassi at the french last year, i have liked to see him win. he serves big, and i dont think weve seen the last of him. i hope he does well. who does he play?
he has a 1% chance against Henman max. the crowd will be even more cukcoo in the next round. This is Tims best chance ever. He owns Roddick and Federer. The crowd advantage will be huge
Will be interesting to see a Henman against Roddick semi. Do you guys know when the last time Tim beat somebody ranked higher than him at Wimbledon??


Henman winning means the world to me, I get so excited in the matches. I could record it and use it as material for a reality show.

And William that is a good question!!! anyone know?


Kevin Patrick

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William & Liam,
Henman beat many players ranked higher than him at Wimbledon:
'96 1R Kafelnikov(coming off his French Open win)
'97 4R defending champ Krajicek
'98 4R Rafter & QF Korda (He played the best tennis of his career in this tournament, too bad he had to play Sampras in the semi's)