Go to your door you might find my tennis ball I hit with a one handed backhand.

Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by bluestreak711, May 17, 2007.

  1. bluestreak711

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    Mar 15, 2007
    North Carolina

    Hello my name is Brandon.I was born right handed switched Febuary 2006.I am a strong 2.5 player.I can play with either hand,but I am determined to stay left handed.I am still 2.5 with either hand I use.


    I have good forehands with both hands.I have good 2 handedback hands with either hand.I have good 1 handed backhand slices with either hand.My backhands are fine unless I try for a one handed backhand flat or with top spin.I never bothered trying to learn a one handed backhand flat or with topspin because I could take my other hand off and slice it just fine.I have good forehand slices with both hands,but on my left hand I can put side spin on the ball.In most cases that only happens with the back hand.


    Two months ago,I suffered a slight strain in my left hand.
    It is not getting better.I have been to doctor after doctor and still seeing doctors about it.So until I solve my problem,I have made a difficult decision to switch back over.I have also decided until I recover,I am not going to take two handed backhands.:-(


    I can slice a backhand just fine with one hand but that is all.As a tennis player I need to be able to do more than slice.I have a system that tells myself automatically what to do.

    If I have 2 hands on the racquet I'll drive it.If I only have one I will slice it,but I can't take two handed shots anymore so I have come up with another.

    I will do similar to what Fedderer does.He has one take back.It looks like a slice take back but if he takes the continental grip,he slices it.If he takes either eastern or extreme eastern ,he drives it.

    I can't drive a one handed backhand worth a hill of beans.I can only slice it.

    So I need help on one handed backhands,but I want to drive it from that certain back swing.The back swing is the same as if you were going to slice it.I want the same back swing for both shots just different grips.

    I have had to try this not long ago when the doctor told me not to use my left hand and take one handed backhands.

    My shots either went into the net or over the fence.If you look out your front door you might find my tennis ball.

    I don't like to copy anybody but basically I want to copy Fedderer's backhand and then make my personal adjustments.

    I don't know how hard or easy it may be,but I am up for the challenge no matter what.Feel free to let me know what I am getting into.

    I know that I won't learn anything on these forums but I need structure,a place to start.Today is 5-17-07 and I will get to practice the following day 5-18-07.

    Ok I know what kind of take back it is.If he slices he uses continental.When He drives it with top spin does he use the eastern or is it the extreme eastern?What does he change when he drives it flat?Is it the swing path or grip?

    Please help me.I am just a person that drives it with a two handed backhand and slices it with one.so this is completely new to me.

    I am very determined to play tennis.I am not even a slight injury to my playing arm stop me.Since it hurts and I can't use it and I am using my other hand trying to play one handed.

    So just start to go in detail about the structure of that specific BH stroke and give me a heads up on problems I may be experiencing.

    Thankyou Very Much In Advance.
  2. jasoncho92

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    Apr 9, 2007
    If youre using an eastern backhand it probably means youre just opening the racquet face up too much. So just close the face and youll fix the problem (this is assuming you have decent stroke mechanics)
  3. Douggo

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    Feb 22, 2005
    Was it a Penn 2? I did have one in my front yard.
    Balls that land in my yard are mine, so you can't have it back.
  4. bluestreak711

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    Mar 15, 2007
    North Carolina
    i do have good stroke mechanics but only with a 1 hand slice or 2 hand flat or top spin

    but i have never experinced a good one handed backhand that i could hit flat or with top spin when it comes to those mechanics

    when i try to drive it with one hand my mechanics are terrible

    i am a good player but i always had a good 2 handed back hand so i never worried about trying with a one hand

    and for everybody else reading this i wanted to copy Fedderers BH he has the same take back for both slice and and top spin he just uses different grips
  5. smoothtennis

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    May 8, 2007
    Fort Worth, TX
    If your balls are consitently going long, you might be doing three things mechanically wrong in my opinion. Just some ideas here.

    1. As a previous poster mentioned, your racket face (caused by grip) could be too open at contact.

    2. If your racket face is right, then you are most likely hitting the ball late. If you are contacting the ball in the same zone as your two hander, you are late. One handed contact point is another inch or two out front.

    3. You may be letting the racket head get out of control right before you drive into the shot. Make sure your racket head is 'almost' level with the ball as you begin your drive forward.

    Now...the best thing to do in my opinion, other than a teaching pro, is get to the backboard, and start working on contact zone, grip, and racket position.

    If you are truly 2.5, there could be a host of other things you are doing wrong, such as not setting up, or platforming, before you strike, and staying balanced as you swing. It is a complex sport, no doubt about it. Make sure you are well balanced before you try these adjustments.

    Don't try to 'rip' the ball against the wall either. Figure out what grip allows you to stroke easy, feel the ball biting into the strings and imparting some topspin on the ball. You don't have to hit it hard to feel this. Let the ball bounce twice so you can set up your stance properly.

    Best of luck

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